Steps to Sell Your Luxury Items

1. First step,
tell us what you want to sell

Start by filling out the form available here. Complete the information about the product such as the brand, the model, a description of the product, its condition (see here the grid of conditions) as well as a minimum of three photos and its desired selling price.

2. Second step,
we issue a purchase proposal

Our experts will send you an offer within the 48 hours after receiving the information about your product. If you are happy with this offer, you can pursue to step three.

3. Third step,
collection of your product

After issuing our purchase proposal, we send you our UPS carrier to collect your product at the place of your choice. The transport of your products is therefore guaranteed in case of dispute during transport.

4. Step Four,
Confirmation of Purchase

Our experts review your product once received in our workshop, in order to confirm our first estimate as well as authenticate the products.

If the product conforms to the photos sent in advance, and it does not show any defects which are not visible on the photos, our offer of purchase will be confirmed. If not, we will set you a new price offer. 

5. Step five,
buying your product

After accepting our final offer, you will be paid by bank transfer or via PayPal within 48 hours.

You also have the choice to be paid in BrandCo credit to be credited on our site and allows you to get an extra 20% on your selling price.