Steps to Sell Your Luxury Items

1. First step,
Tell us what you want to sell

Start by filling out the form available here. Complete the information about your products: Brand, type/model, a detailed description of the product, its condition (see here the conditions table) as well as a minimum of three photos and your desired selling price.

2. Second step,
We issue a purchase offer

Our experts will send you a firm cash offer within 48 hours after receiving your product details. If you are happy with this offer, please follow step three.

3. Third step,
We pick up your products

Once you accepted our cash offer, we send you a label from one of our carriers (UPS, Fedex, DHL) to collect your product at the address of your choice. Please stick the label to your parcel.

Note We insure your item at the full offer value, so you can ship with confidence.

*Please make sure to keep an evidence of packing the item into the labelled parcels, so we can prove you actually packed the item in case of dispute

4. Step Four,
Confirmation of Purchase

Our experts will review your product once received at our workshop, perform authentication and condition checks, in order to confirm our original cash offer.

We will either confirm our cash offer to you, or issue a revised offer to match the adjusted condition of your product (In the case some defects weren’t fully visible on photos you sent).

You will have the choice of accepting this new offer or have the items returned to you at our cost.

In the case we deem an item to be not authentic, we would either destroy it by our own means or return it to you at your cost.

5. Step five,
The payment to you

After accepting our final offer, you will be paid by bank transfer or via PayPal within 48 hours.

Looking forward to partner with you,

Thank you so much for your trust!