Condition Table

Condition Table

Condition Rating Guide shows our valuable customer about the difference of product conditions.


Never carried, very good invesment value.

(perfect Condition)

Perfect Condition, has barely been worn, has kept excellent shape, no flaws. The top second hand condition, almost as if you bought it in the store. Very good investment value as well.

(excellent condition)

Signs of wear isolated to a small watermark, mild patina discoloration or scuffs limited to a narrow area but still maintains structure and other than the isolated wear maintains excellent condition standards. Hardware is intact and not discolored.

(very good condition)

Regular wear signs, has been used often but kept in very good condition for daily use, beautiful patina. Can show light watermarks, scuffs and mild patina discoloration but structure is maintained and hardware is in tact but might be very mildly tarnished.A great deal.

(good / fair condition)

A vintage piece, with all the wear it involves, may present some small cracks in canvas or leather, beautiful patina, hardware can be tarnished, overall structure is still maintained, good for relax and everyday use.

“Quality control is our Guarantee to You”

Each product listed on our website is checked by our quality control team before we will accept it for sale;
This is our guarantee to you.

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Image Sources: All from BrandCo.Paris