Become a retailer of second hand luxury items

Become a retailer

BrandCo Paris, is the European leader in distribution of rooms of luxury leather store and second hand accessories today.

You wish to integrate into your offers of the leather store and the luxury accessories of second-hand while assuring of the depth your range produces? We have a solution for you that you are one:

  • Multinational company of mode,
  • E-storekeepers,
  • Leather workers,
  • Concept blind wishing to benefit from the attractiveness generated by these branded goods,
  • Specialized shop or secondhand store which wants to count on an assortment renewal of Best-sellers.

Whatever is your business model, or your locality, the second-hand market get not insignificant advantages! Besides registering you in an approach of sustainable development while surfing on the “vintage” trend, you have the opportunity to boost your turnover by attracting a new public and thus new customers. All of these, without forgetting the increase of traffic in your store by proposing products which a lot of people dream to get offered !

Why joining us?

  • We offer you the opportunity to become a retailer of leather store of second hand luxury, so allowing you to register you in the trend trendy slow dance by proposing the best-sellers of the biggest luxury houses to your customers.
  • Reach our catalog of products being regularly renewed while assuring you a depth of range allowing you the assortment renewal of best-sellers.
  • 100 % of the authentic guaranteed products by our experts recognized for their experience in the sector of the vintage leather store.
  • An access to the preferential rates B2B giving you access to very attractive margins
  • A distribution mastered for mastered prices, allowing you to distance yourselves in the face of the competition and to go out of the “price war”
  • A setting-up easy, fast and adapted to your needs and to the typology of your clientele. Benefit from the flexibility of our offers “à la carte”
  • Fast world expedition within one week to satisfy always the desires for your clientele
  • A passionate, experimented, reactive team and in your listening to advise you better and direct you to the most relevant references for your clientele.
  • Turnkey service:
    • A quality packaging so recreating an experience of the luxury for your customers, with a sign of confidence and a presence on the market for more than 10 years.
    • Sale price recommended in store, based on a history of sale of about ten thousands of products
    • After-sales service of products: guarantee 6 months
    • Satisfied or your money back upon receipt of the order

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